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Are you ready to heal up those generational wounds and live the life of your dreams?

Perhaps this is your experience:

#Therapy has been helpful in the past but you are ready for a frame that extends past psychology.

#You're at the edge of a breakdown and therapy isn't helping.

#You are at the edge of a breakthrough and want support leaping into the unknown.

#Worrying that you are the source of your problems makes you feel alone and long for connected and satisfying relationships. 

#Those old relationship patterns are ready to GO but you aren't quite sure how to change them.

#Where you come from, and the lands and stories that your ancestors belonged to seem far away and not present.

ou notice repeating issues in your life and relationships, and you really want to go beyond the surface to find the deeper source and heal it!

#You don't have time for excess fluff in your life. You are ready for work that is potent and transformational. 

a rooted and wild life means:

  • ​​​Ancestral support and unconditional love

  • Relationships that are deep, authentic and nourishing

  • A spiritual practice in alignment with you and your lineages

  • Freedom from the weight of your family's shadow

  • The ability to know and live by your values

  • Being led by intuition and spirit guidance

  • A deep, visceral experience of belonging

Step into a space beyond time, held in ritual, and ripe with connection . . .

welcome to

Rooting Your Ancestral Wild

A 6-week process to connect with your ancestors, the wild and yourself!

Cultivate the practices that support a life of
flow, manifestation and satisfying relationships.

New group starting Oct 2022

This is a 6-week, in-person small group experience, focusing on connecting to your personal ancestral lineages and working with their blessings and burdens. 

Mallika will guide and hold the group to learn, embody and cultivate practices of ancestral healing and tending, opening the way for the blessings of your lineages to manifest in your life. 

You will spend time assessing the health of your different lineages, strengthening your intuition and personal clarity, and weaving in frameworks from ancient traditional ways of being. 

What happens, week-by-week?

Week 1 - Overview

What to expect in this program
Who are you, and sharing your story

Animism and Ancestral connections

Week 2 - Foundations

West African Dagara Traditions
Vedic Psychology

Week 3 - Make Contact

Intuition and self-trust
Ancestral Assessment

Week 4 - Earth Magic

Sacred Wild and elemental beings
Altars and tending

Week 5 - Stages

Phases of healing
Rituals and offerings

Week 6 - Integration

How to continue to integrate this work
Designing a closing ritual and offerings



It's time to:

It's time to stop:

  • Get clear and ask for what I want

  • Believe that I have the power to change generational patterns

  • Be less afraid of conflict

  • Trust myself

  • Recognize what is good for me and move toward that

  • Commit to myself and the healing I want for my children

  • Trying to fix other people

  • Doubting my rite to ancestral work

  • Not using my voice

  • Feeling helpless and stuck

  • Being argumentative and learn deep communication

  • Pretending I have it all together and don't need support

  • Outsourcing my power

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Who is Mallika?

I am a curious and perceptive facilitator of ritual healing, a licensed MFT and the creator of The Wild and Wise. I am initiated as a Dagara diviner, and have trained in psychology, Vedic traditions, group therapy, ancestral healing, ceremony and ritual, and more! I help mothers find, use and strengthen trust in their own voice. We transform relationships from frustrating, draining and lonely to present, supportive and nourishing. My passion is to guide mothers towards spiritual growth, personal and collective healing and a deeply rooted life, incorporating shamanic journeying, rituals with the wild, dream analysis, psychological tools, and therapeutic processing. 

I have done years of personal therapy, ancestral healing and re-wilding specifically related to the mother archetype. Through my own healing and training, I have found the deeper peace and love I was longing for. I do this work because, just like you, I want to be known and connected to other women who are re-weaving a more connected, integrated and loving world.

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Group Vessel
6-week journey

* deep and lasting connection with other women, also on this journey
* learning from other's experience and sharing

* opportunity to practice authentic vulnerability, being witnessed by others in a safe ritual space 
* amplified manifestation power of a group

* Welcome gift
* 6 group gatherings (2 hours each) 
* 3 hour culminating group ritual 

* Personalized guidance on offerings and ritual
* Guided meditation track for personal use (audio only)

Limited to 6 women to maintain intimacy
The next Group begins:
Oct 9th, 2022
In Western North Carolina
Apply below


1:1 Sanctuary
flexible schedule within a 3 month timeframe

* Intensives are more efficient and cost effective
* confidential, intimate witnessing of your personal experiences and family history

* opportunity to go at the right pace for you and your journey

* Welcome gift 

* 4 therapeutic intensives of 2 hours each
* Voxer responses between sessions
* Personalized guidance on offerings and ritual 
* Guided meditation track for personal use (audio only)
* Assistance designing a culminating ritual

Initial Sessions begin
Sept 13th, 2022

In Western North Carolina
Apply below

1:1 or Group
Apply Now

Mother's Counsel 

Not ready for the full program? Come sink in for one day only.

July 28th from 1pm to 4pm.

Exchange: $50


Sit in circle with other moms, let go of the day-to-day and be witnessed in sacred space. 

Sliding scale available

No one turned away due to $

Apply for 1:1 Anytime

Initial sessions begin Sept 13th 2022
Flexible schedule to meet your needs


Group Scedule

Group Applications Open 
August 27th, 2022!

Group Schedule

Our group gatherings will be at 1:30pm EST on Sundays in Weaverville, NC​​

  • Oct 9th

  • Oct 16th

  • Nov 13th

  • Nov 20th

  • Dec 4th

  • Dec 11th 


  • Our culminating 3 hour ritual will take place on Sunday December 18th, 2022 at 1:30pm

 What people are saying 

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1:1 client