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Mallika Bush, LMFT


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What is ritual?

Ritual can be the simplest of actions, or an ornate ceremony lasting days. Ritual helps us mark a transition or a desired change, a crossing of a threshold, a container for our emotions, honoring our grief and celebration, life and death. 
When we bring our consciousness to the action we are taking, our heart can help us intuitively set an intention for the action we are setting forth to do. 
Rituals honor the past, future and the present moment. 
I am studying ritual with a few different teachers at the moment and invite you to think of what ritual might support your life right now? I can help you design a ritual for yourself or a loved one. Since I am learning this skill, I am offering it as a gift. Please be in touch by "asking a question" or emailing me directly.


Image by Oscar Keys

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