a community of support as you transform your relationship with your child

This is a weekly outdoor playgroup/class combining psychology theories, RIE Principles, Hand In Hand Parenting philosophies, and more. 

Classes are located outside in El Cerrito


10 -11:30am for walkers/toddlers

$35 per class

You want to give your child the best start possible. But are you overwhelmed with all the parenting approaches out there? Are you exhausted by difficult toddler behavior or feel like your toddler is calling the shots? If everything you try just leads to more power-struggles, tantrums and disconnection, let me assure you parenting can be more peaceful. 

If you don't find an approach to parenting that is centered and calm, you could be facing power-struggles over every little thing, the fear and shame of not knowing what you should do differently, a teen who lies and avoids you, and a disappointing relationship with your child as an adult. 

It's time to shift the

tide of "reactive parenting"

and join the movement of

"conscious upbringing"

Transform your relationship with your child

in 4 easy steps:

1. Schedule a free phone consult to get your questions answered

2. Sign up for your first 8 week series

3. Bring your toddler to class - observe and ask questions each week

4. Begin to see changes in the way you respond to your child, and of course in the way they respond to you!

BONUS: Keep coming to class until your toddler is 3 and develop lifelong relationships with the other adults and children in the class. 

These classes will help your parenting be:

intentional - authentic - connected - respectful

Offering children:

- the opportunity for safe, authentic peer interactions

- developing deep relationships with other children

- time for open ended, uninterrupted play

- exploring and understand limits

Offering parents:

- a facilitated "playgroup" group with a licensed professional

- peaceful time to sit back and observe your child

- supportive discussion about challenges at home

- connection to a community of like-minded families

- the opportunity to observe setting limits and handling peer interactions 

- a calm, meditative experience with nothing expected or required of YOU!


I gained so much from participating in Mallika's class. The class provided a safe space to be present with my baby and observe her without judgement as she interacted naturally with the environment and other babies. It was wonderful to know it was ok to just relax and allow her to explore in her own way, without having to worry about "supervising" or "facilitating" her play with a toy or another baby. Mallika modeled how to support the babies to feel safe around one another without projecting anxiety or fear about what might happen between them. Using the RIE approach, Mallika ensures the safety of the babies with calm presence that does not alarm them or convey anxiety or mistrust in their capacities. The whole experience was actually meditative! 
My favorite thing about this group is the way Mallika blends her knowledge of RIE principles and infant care with her skills as a licensed therapist/MFT, to help parents not only understand how to develop a respectful relationship with their child, but also to be supported in exploring the emotional experiences we have during that process. The result is a group that is both playful and also therapeutic at once! I cannot recommend it highly enough.


My daughter and I both loved our class with Mallika. For my daughter, it was a rare chance to play with another child her age in a RIE-sensitive setting; for me, it was a weekly reminder of how to practice wants-nothing-quality-time, plus a valuable opportunity to compare notes with another like-minded parent and to get professional support for my parenting crisis of the week. Mallika was very open to extra caregivers attending as well; my husband came along a few times and couldn't stop talking about how much he'd learned and how he'd enjoyed watching the girls play together. We will definitely be back for another class!


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