Mallika Bush, LMFT

Embodied Therapeutic Art Process

Embodied Therapeutic Art Process

A pilot program for individual therapy utilizing Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy for healing and re-authoring your life. 

10 weeks of zoom therapy sessions culminating in a "showcase" of your work, to be witnessed by safe audience members at your invitation. 

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Creativity is not about the "what" of painting, dancing, acting, etc. Creativity, on this journey, is about the how. 

How does your inner critic speak to you?

How can you move to express your grief? 

How does your walk change when you are embodying your father?

How do your dreams open you up to new characters, plot twists and possibilities?

Sounds interesting?
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Being witnessed

We cannot actually heal and grow alone. Many of the stories and beliefs we hold true stem from our early experiences in life. When we were young and used to "not knowing." 

Stepping back into a place of not knowing can be frightening and extremely vulnerable. Having a loving, trusted facilitator of that process is important. 

For many, that is a therapist.

For some, that is an expressive arts therapist. 

Part of the Embodied Therapeutic Art Process will include being witnessed by people from your life. We will work together to decide who you'd like to show your growth to.


It's beautiful and vulnerable to share our stories and our healing with the people in our lives. But they can be part of the structure that helps you step into a new story, intentionally authored by YOU.

You are the author of your story

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Thank you for being here. Thank you for your interest in healing yourself and the beings around you. All the work we do inside reflects outside. 

Please email me with any question or to find out more about working together.