LMFT #97541

Mallika Bush, LMFT

Deep Healing


Transformative Rituals


The Story of Life

The Wild and Wise


Launching February 23rd

A collection of conversations and reflections about transformation, healing and choosing your path!

Join the launch party for sneak peeks and giveaways! Join me in my quest to understand the process of intuition, karma and living in right relationship with all beings. 

How We Can Work Together

- Ground yourself in time and space

- Strengthen physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries

- Connect with other humans and non-humans

- Sing, pray, make offerings, and get clearer about what is right for you

The Wild and Wise Podcast

By-weekly, with the New and Full Moons

- Hear the stories of different modalities

- Learn how to engage in your own rituals at home

- Develop a greater connection to your intuition

- Be guided to your deepest intuitions and weave a new life that feels connected, conscious, and creative.  

What is ritual?

Ritual can be the simplest of actions, but what makes it a ritual (to me) in the intension. When we bring our consciousness to the action we are taking, our heart can help up intuitively set an intention for the action we are setting forth to do. 

Rituals can be elaborate ceremonies, sometimes lasting days; they can also take the form of a simple thought, a prayer, a habitual practice and many other forms.

I am studying ritual with a few different teachers at the moment and invite you to think of ways you might already be engaging in ritual in your life. 

Let's connect

Through sharing pieces of my life that move me, I hope to offer some humanity, first and foremost, as well as some simple reminders or prompts for connecting to yourself and the beings around you. 

I'll also be sharing previews of upcoming podcast guests and other projects that I am offering as they come to exist. 

Thanks for being here!