Mallika Bush, LMFT

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It's Time to Re-member

Your Wildness and Return

to True Wellness

Are you ready to reclaim your capacity for a grounded, connected life?

Perhaps this is your experience:

You want to feel supported in connecting to your resources through embodiment, authentic relationships  and re-membering your ancestral wisdom. 

You know the container for this learning needs to be emotionally safe and make room for the light and the shadow of life. 

You are ready to feel abundant support, nourished balance and unwavering self-love as a woman and a mom.

You want to free the past, present and future generations from old wounds.

Living a grounded and connected life might look like:

  • Cultivated, deep knowledge of your story and the archetypes within it

  • Greater confidence to trust your intuition

  • Trust in your child's healthy emotional development

  • Clarity about the meaningful work you are here to do in this world

  • Understanding what it means to honor your specific ancestors

  • Ancestral support and unconditional love

  • The ability to spend more time in nature

welcome to Myth, Animism and 

my ancestral stories

A 7-week process to rebuild connection to self, others and the Divine.

You are ready to make space

for the healing you've been longing for

What You Will Deepen Into

  • Connect into the web of stories woven through human history 

  • Explore and connect with the archetypes that move you

  • Define and expand your relationship to what is sacred/divine

  • Reclaim your belonging to the paces your ancestors called home

  • Strengthen and clarity your connection to intuition

  • Revive your capacity for wholeness

Step into a space beyond time, held in ritual, and ripe with connection.

Here, you will feel your significance, your value and how deserving you truly are of being known and loved. 

We will bring in practices that support all of this

through working with these three pillars:

Connection to


* Embodiment 

* Shadow Work  

* Boundary Setting

* Somatic Experiencing

* Self-responsibility


* Source of Eros

* Meaningful Work

Connection to Others

* Relational Dynamics   

* Death-Mother Wound   

* Generational Patterns

* Being WITH Difference

* Reflecting and Joining 

* Connected Parenting

* Animate and Inanimate

* Attachment Wounds

Connection to Divine

* Defining the Divine  

* Practices of Devotion   

* Ritual Containers

* Altars and Offerings  

* Song and Mantra 

* Spoken Prayer

* Ancestral Wisdom

* The Sacred Wild

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Who is Mallika?

Mallika is a vulnerable and honest healer, LMFT and facilitator of integrated wholeness. She works with women to re-member their connection to self, others and the Divine, incorporating ancestral wisdom for the wellbeing of themselves, their community and the planet. 

I do this work because I also want to know I am not alone; just like you, I want to be known and connected to other witchy moms who are re-weaving a more connected, integrated and loving world.  

This is for you, witchy mama, if:

  • You feel a pervasive sense of not-enoughness

  • You have high expectations of your closest friends and feel an unmet longing to be seen or heard 

  • Perfectionism is keeping you from your creativity

  • You've been interested in learning more about connecting to the other-than-human people 

  • You feel overwhelmed by being the only one responsible for your children's emotional development and wellness

  • You value the healing and growth work you've done in psychotherapy, or something similar, and are ready to integrate a whole perspective of wellness

This is not for you if:

  • You aren't really interested in shadow work

  • You hope to elicit revenge or punishment for past wrongdoings 

  • You don't sense the life energy in non-human beings in the world

  • You are not interested in getting good at being with difference and being in authentic relationship with others

  • You have some really intense family wounding and want to interface directly with the wounded, suffering ancestors

  • You're not a mom (of human children)

  • You want to circumvent your feelings, and just fix the problem.

What happens, week-by-week?

week 1

Overview of the MAMAS process

Commitments and opportunities 

Embodiment practices for connection with Self

week 3

Assess relational patterns 

What helps you feel safe?

Defining relational goals

week 5

Understanding ritual

Defining where you relate to the Divine/Sacred

Beginning to tend to your ancestral guides

week 2

Voices from family of origin

What is the "Death Mother"

Prepare to grieve for a lost part of self

week 4

Select a myth/story to work with

Understanding dreamwork

Practice relational skills: joining and reflecting

week 6

Exploring animistic perspectives

Embodied intuition and ancestral wisdom

Weaving together personal and ancestral experiences

week 7

Final gathering ritual 

Grieve and receive

Naming and reclaiming the vessels of connection to Self, Other and Divine


MAMAS 1:1 Sanctuary

flexible schedule within a 3 month timeframe


* confidential, intimate witnessing of your personal experiences and family history

* opportunity to go at the right pace for you and your journey


* 6 private, intuitively guided (90 min) sessions

* Pre-call worksheet/journaling

* Voxer responses between sessions

* guided learning of divination tools

* personalized book and resource recommendations

* assistance designing a culminating ritual



This work is available online or

in person in Asheville, North Carolina

Image by Thomas Bonometti

MAMAS Group Vessel

40 day journey


* connection with other moms, also on this journey

* opportunity to practice deep connection, being witnessed and safe ritual space


* 6 group calls (1.5 hours) Schedule Below

One private 1:1 session for ancestral connection

Weekly worksheet/journal prompts 

* 3 guided meditation journeys (audio only)

* 4 hour culminating group ritual 

* private community chat space

* links to divination resources



Limited to 8 women to maintain intimacy

The next MAMAS Group begins:

May 4th - online

September 7th - in Asheville, NC


Registration closes on

April 28th!

Group Schedule

The 6 group calls will happen on:​​

  • Tuesday May 4 at 1pm ET

  • Tuesday May 11th at 1pm ET (New Moon)

  • Tuesday May 18th at 1pm ET

  • Tuesday May 25th at 1pm ET

  • Tuesday June 1st at 1pm ET

  • Tuesday June 8th at 1pm ET

Our culminating 4 hour ritual will take place on Saturday June 12th at 1pm ET

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Why myth

Myth, in modern times, has come to mean

"an unfounded or false notion."

There is a way of working with myth that holds both the expanded truth that's present and the possible historical root of the tale.

Through exploring the archetypes present in the stories that have been told for thousands of years, we can connect to the multiplicity of the human experience through myth. 

We can come to know the many parts that are alive within and around us.

Image by Manyu Varma

What is animism?

Animism comes from the latin word "Anima" which means: breath, spirit or life. 

Animism is a point of view that aligns with the belief that animals, places and objects possess a distinct spiritual essence. Everything from water, rocks and trees to couches, concepts like envy and even words are seen as animated and alive. 

This perspective has been a staple in many indigenous ways of life, many of which are still practiced today, including the Japanese Shinto way of life. 

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