LMFT #97541

New Moon circle

Free virtual

new moon circle

STARTING  April  23rd

The New Moon is a time of releasing and rebirth.

Drawing on ritual training, therapeutic holding and expressive arts, I will hold space for a monthly ritual on the evening of the

New Moon.


Who is this gathering for?

Women seeking community and ritual

What will we do during the ritual?

~ Share what we are letting go of 

~ Plant seeds (verbally name) of growth and transformation in the dark womb of the moon

~ Utilize an expressive, embodied modality like drawing, song/sound or movement to bring energy and power to the collective, to the seeds planted and to the releasing of what is no longer serving

Where will we meet?

Once you RSVP for the next upcoming circle, you will receive an email with a Zoom link.

- Ground yourself in time and space

- Strengthen physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries

- Connect with other humans and non-humans

- Sing, pray, make offerings, and get clearer about what is right for you