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Mallika Bush, LMFT

The Wild and Wise

The Wild and Wise

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Humans are designed to need relationship; deep connections with other humans, animal companions and even plants have been long standing pillars of what helps us humans live 
Soul-fulfilling lives

You know your relationships need tending. 


Rooted Relationships

for spiritual seekers in relationships


- It's hard to integrate your spiritual teachings and the reality of your human experience


- You and your partner are committed to each other, but something feels stale or dissatisfying

-Individual therapy and other self-healing has nourished you, and you're ready to tend to your marriage in a new way  

- You long to feel seen and known by your partner in a new or deeper way. 

- With all the duties of life, you and your spouse hardly have time to connect in a meaningful way. 

- The patterns are easy to see, but so hard to change!

Perhaps this is you:

Perhaps this is what you want:

- You can depend on your partner

- Your romantic relationship is evolving, deeply satisfying and resilient 

- You have functional tools for self-compassion, spiritual integration and liberation from your own suffering

- Your personal growth has awakened new ways of being in your relationships

- You have the skills to be with your own internal reactions and not act from your wounding

- You can see the differences between you and others without taking those differences personally

- Held by a sturdy foundation, your relationships can ride the ups and downs of life

Let's work toward that together

Relationships need: 

- Trust

- Honest communication

- Inner resilience

- Balance between self-needs and the needs of other

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Rooted Relationships

for spiritual seekers in relationships

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What is ritual?

Ritual can be the simplest of actions, or an ornate ceremony lasting days. Ritual helps us mark a transition or a desired change, a crossing of a threshold, a container for our emotions, honoring our grief and celebration of life and death. Rituals honor the past, future and the present moment. 

I grew up in a Hindu community, practicing daily ritual, as well as traditional Vedic rituals throughout the year. I have also formally studied ritual with Kaya Mindlin, Laura Vesta, Mark Bockley and Daniel Foor. I am passionate about the element of ritual and how missing it is in your westernized culture. So, I invite you to think of how ritual might support you in creating the life you were born for? 


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