Mallika Bush, LMFT

The Wild and Wise
Ritual containers for divine embodiment

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So many people today are living with chronic illness, depression, anxiety, pain and an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. And yet it is still hard to find the connection, support and deeply affirming belonging that we all need! This has to change.

The Wild and Wise is a space where you are supported to find that connection and support so you can life the flourishing life you deserve. You belong here.

Come, embody and connect to the wisdom that lives in the earth, in your lineages and in your bones. Your grandmothers are reaching for you.

cornerstones of the wild and wise process:

True wellness is relational. You cannot live alone. You cannot heal alone.

Healing and maturation is an emergent process. We are neither perfect, nor incomplete. 

Doing your inner work is not selfish. As your inner landscape matures and evolves, the collective consciousness celebrates and reflects that. 
The patterns of growth and biological intelligence that are found in the sacred Wild inform our own processes.

The ability to be with difference increases understanding of self and others, leading to greater equality, connection and wellness.
The Wild and Wise process helps you:
Re-member the wisdom of your ancestors

Reclaim your connection to The Wild

Know deep belonging

Re-wild your intuition

Live by your values and ethos
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Curious to learn these tools of 
embodiment, ritual and healing?

The Wild and Wise is ready for you . . .

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What is ritual?

Ritual can be the simplest of actions, or an ornate ceremony lasting days. Ritual helps us mark a transition or a desired change, a crossing of a threshold, a container for our emotions, honoring our grief and celebration of life and death. Rituals honor the past, future and the present moment. 

I grew up in a Hindu community, practicing daily ritual, as well as traditional Vedic rituals throughout the year. I have also formally studied ritual with Kaya Mindlin, Laura Vesta, Mark Bockley and Daniel Foor. I am passionate about the element of ritual and how missing it is in your westernized culture. So, I invite you to think of how ritual might support you in creating the life you were born for?