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about Mallika

For over 20 years, I have pursued greater knowledge, more freedom and deeper understanding of myself. This has come through a variety of educational, personal and collective experiences, including: therapy, expressive and visual arts, yoga philosophy and practice, family and motherhood. I am here and dedicated to my own and the collective transformation.


I have engaged in transformative processes as the designated leader (private practice therapist, group facilitator, stage performer and director, parent educator, mother) and also as the one being guided (therapy client, daughter, group member, student). I have found immense value in cultivating curiosity toward both my internal experience and that of the external or collective. 

I highly value all relationships in my life, including my husband, my daughters, friends, family and also my relationships with the earth, plants, and the Divine. I find the most transformative experiences of my life are when I feel witnessed, connected and curious about what is happening. My dharma, my deepest desire is to create these types of transformative spaces for myself and others.

Credentials, Trainings and Experience

2022 to present -  Systems Centered Therapy training and work with Bonnie MacBride


2021 - African Divination initiation through Mark Bockley 


2020 to present - Yoga Philosophy study, daily meditation and asana practice with Kaya Mindlin

2019 - Ritual training and Ancestral Healing with Daniel Foor

2016 to 2020 - Private therapy practice in Berkeley and San Francisco

2016 - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CA#97541

2013 to 2016 - Therapy Intern at The Marina Counseling Center


2013 to 2018 - Resources for Infant Educarers Associate Training

2010 to 2013 - Therapy Intern working with children and families

2011 - Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University LA

2003 to 2009 - Acting training at Playhouse West Los Angeles

2003 - Bachelor of Arts in Drama at SUNY Buffalo