You've got a vision of a life woven together with abundance, community and authentic connection.

It's hard to bring together all the elements of wellness, especially as a mom. You have been on the edge of feeling resourced and grounded. But that deep whisper of unworthiness keeps returning. Your identity as a "lost daughter" is keeping you from a feeling of belonging in the greater web of the sacred wild. 

It's time to weave a new kind of wellness.

It's time to call together your grandmothers, your ancient, ancestral wisdom keepers, and braid the light and the shadow together, connecting to the intertwined relationships of all beings. When you belong to the places and people you come from, you can fully belong to this life, this moment.  

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about Mallika

I am a mother and a daughter. I am the living ancestor of generations of women, beautiful survivors, who painfully abandoned the medicine we carry. I live to re-member, align and embody the wisdom and medicine my people carried. I value honesty, respect, and the knowledge which comes from stepping into the unknown.

I do this work because it is missing in the paradigm of western psychology. Despite having a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and having been in therapy for years myself, I really struggled with the isolation, overwhelm and loss of self in new motherhoodI struggled with feeling ashamed of my difficult feelings around being a mother. 

I slowly made my way through that rite-of-passage, and specialized as an LMFT in helping others through that transition too. But something was missing: a deeply rooted connection to all of life, an integrated and cohesive story centered in animism. Like a thread that weaves through all aspects of life, when I found ancestral healing, the therapeutic work I had been doing for the past 7 years suddenly deepened into a newfound belonging. I finally felt the abundant support I had been longing for.


I was able to be connected to myself, to others and to the Wild with more ease and love. These are the three pillars of wellness are the foundation of The Wild Codex. I have found this process vital to living a meaningful, joyful and abundant life. I am now able to stand in my power as a mother and woman like I have always dreamed. I want YOU to have the knowledge, nourishment and power you desire