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Loving Couple

Couples Therapy

When we feel deeply seen and understood, we feel safe.
From that safety grows a resilient and deeply loving partnership. 

Many couples find that they fight about the same thing over and over. 
Or perhaps each partner feels their own needs are not being met by the other. Resentment builds, reactions and wounding take over, and we get stuck in patterns with our partners. It is easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed in relationships, as they are the number one way we are asked to face the truth about ourselves. And that is not easy. 

All healing is relational and your marriage is no different.
Commitment to each other means commitment to growth. And it's often not clear what path will lead toward healing and growth for both individuals and the relationship. 

I help couples find common goals and work towards a sturdy, deeply loving partnership. Utilizing Systems-Centered Theory and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy frameworks
, couples develop connected communication, identify each of their needs and

free themselves from past roles and patterns. 

Systems Centered Therapy helps us understand the dynamics that are at play within ourselves as well as our relationships. The more clearly we see ourselves and our partner, the more we can see where we join each other and where we have difference. Both are important. 

Healing and changing long-standing roles and patterns takes time. But getting support now to start that process could mean the difference between a marriage that thrives vs one that simply survives or even disintegrates. 


Happy Married Couple

I see couples on-line and in-person (in Weaverville, NC) 

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