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New Moon circle

We have not lost the traditions that held our ancestors.

We are re-membering them together.


The New Moon is a potent time of releasing and rebirth, of planting seeds of intention and manifestation. The Earth is the pathway for all manifestation, and the moon pulls on the dreams that are seeded in the Earth's watery womb. 


A new moon ceremony gives us rhythm and ritual,

gives us containers for the birthing

of our intentions.

Gathering with other women in this sacred container creates a web for our prayers to root in and have a life of their own.

Where will we meet?

We are excitedly preparing sacred land and space in WNC to regularly hold in-person ceremonies. 

We hope to be ready by Aug 27th. 

wolf pack on rock formation_edited.jpg

in-person Circles:
Aug 27th
Sept 25th


Who is this gathering for?

Women* seeking community and ritual, interested in connecting deeply to their intentions, the wild around them and

their desires in life

What will we do during the ritual?

~ Open the Sacred Space

~ Arrive and ground into our bodies, the earth and the moon

~ Orient to the ritual theme for the day

~ Journal or draw to reflect on what we are letting go of and what seeds of growth and transformation you are planting in the dark womb of the moon

~ Group sharing 

~ Fire ceremony to burn the papers we drew or wrote on

~ Closing the sacred space


strengthen physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries


* This space is currently geared toward female bodied people. Non-binary folx welcome.

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