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Full Moon in Libra - April 7th, 2020

What a time we are in. For me, it feels soothing and grounding to be in rhythm with the moon. Publishing my podcast on full and new moons helps me remember where we are in the cycle of transformation that takes place about every 28 days.

It is common to feel emotionally full during a full moon. The waters you are swimming in may feel extra deep and a bit choppy right now. Full moons power is strong, and like a spotlight, it highlights what is happening on the stage of our life at the time. Remembering this can be helpful to put some perspective in the picture of what you're feeling with and dealing with today.

It's a good time to practice a mantra of presence, reminding yourself to return just to this moment here. Taking a break from the news, from making big decisions or pondering future plans is also a good idea around the full moon.

There is that old tale of the people who turn into werewolves under a full moon. Perhaps it is useful to think of yourself in the context of this story. You may be bristling at everything, hackles up and ready to destroy anything and anyone who steps onto your path.

Or perhaps you are more deeply feeling the grief of change and loss. As many of our structures and routines are dissolved or changed form, and we face real unknowns about our economy, lives of loved ones and what daily life will look like in the coming months, I am here to say that grief is a natural and important response to all of this.

But, just as the werewolf shape-shifts back, your current state will pass. And there are ways we can harness this emotional state for deeper healing. Unconscious material likes to find a way to the surface through our emotions, and especially at the full moon.

Take some time to process what's coming up for you through:

  • 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness journaling

  • writing (or simply daydreaming) a story involving characters that represent all the different parts of yourself that are showing up right now

  • listen to episode 5 of the podcast for some tips on connecting with your ancestors

  • turn on some music that matches your mood, and move your body

Wherever you are emotionally on this full moon, our vulnerabilities are being highlighted. We are being ask to let down our defenses and distractions and be with what we see and feel. For many of us, this might be the most time we have spent with ourselves in our entire life. We all have vulnerable spots and it's not a flaw in the design. We can lean into the places that bring pain to find a deeper, greater, more connecting intimacy.

Blessings to you and your family and our beautiful earth,



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