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Ancestral Healing During Crisis with Adrienne Sloan - Episode 5

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

In this episode, Adrienne shares with us some of the nourishing outcomes of connecting and developing a relationship with our wise and loving ancestors. Adrienne has been supporting others healing for over 10 years and has studied ancestral healing with a number of teachers. she weaves together modalities of depth psychology, ancestral healing, embodied ritual and personal myth. She works online with clients individually and in group setting from her home in New Mexico.

Topics we touch on:

What it means to decolonize your mind

How having ancestral connections protect us during crisis

What practices help support our intuition

What can get in the way of trusting the communication


From Adrienne's website:

Psychospiritual Counseling & Coaching

An embodied and integrative approach for tending to your whole being. This is a ritually held container to tend to your grief, be radically present with what is, and receive guidance that supports your path. In these sessions, we bring in the wider field of support available to you which includes your ancestors of blood and path, and the more-than-humans ~ land, place, elementals, the winged and four-legged wild ones. These sessions may also include support for cultivating your intuitive gifts and gathering clarity for your life’s work and soul’s calling.

Ancestral Lineage Healing:

These sessions follow a particular framework for ancestral connection and ritual healing for your primary blood lineages. This is a non-dogmatic and embodied approach where you will be guided through a light trance state. You will be supported to set and maintain boundaries with any troubled ancestral energies while cultivating support from those more ancient ancestors who are elevated and able to assist with the healing needed for your lineages.

Ancestral connection supports your sense of belonging, increases your access to loving and supportive relationships, assists in transmuting inherited trauma and unacknowledged grief, and encourages trust in your innate gifts and intuitive wisdom.

Called By The Ancestors Collective: An online ancestral healing membership

Join a group of sensitive visionaries cultivating relationship with their ancestors, transmuting ancestral trauma, and awakening to their soul's calling. A healing space to be resourced with thorough relationship with ancestors, earth, and sacred grief


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