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Midwife for the Psyche with Maude Davis - Episode 11

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

My intro to this episode dives in a bit more than usual, into my thoughts on the work I am doing with this podcast and with my family, particularly regarding the learning process of how to practice anti-racism with every step I take. Here is the episode with Kaya Mindlin that I mention in the intro. Clarifying Non-attachment and Spiritual Bypass with Kaya Mindlin

While this episode with Maude Davis (episode 11) doesn't directly bring in race, trauma and how these tools can support our activism and anti-racism practices, I believe this process would be deeply effective and healing for that work. Much of what we talk about is the landscape of inner material that is longing to be healed. The grief and trauma we hold in our bodies is crying out to be felt and moved through.

I have personally found drama and expressive arts therapy to be the MOST impactful approach to healing life-long - no, generational patterns.

Maude Davis is working with therapy clients at the Living Arts Counseling Center in Oakland, Ca. She uses her training in Expressive Arts Therapy and Jungian Analysis as a "Therapy Director" in the workshops she does with Armond Volkis, called Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance. Maude has training and background in theater in New York City, where she worked for years as an actor, director and teacher. She is a PH.D candidate and has studied at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Theoretical background of Maude's work

  • Getting into the therapeutic work

  • Being in relationship to our inner material

  • Therapist revery

  • The moment of change

  • Activation of something very old within us

  • Midwives for the psyche

  • Spontaneity, responsibility, "sponde"

  • Entering the play space

  • Processing through play (children and adults)

  • The profound letting go

  • The universal trickster

  • Revolution coming, a play revolution

  • Finding this process in today's Zoom theater

  • At home drama therapy exercises you can do today

Transform your life though Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance NEW online workshop starts June 24th, 2020 What is Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance?

Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance is an innovative short-term therapy approach that supports participants in identifying and transforming self-defeating “life scripts” through drama therapy processes. Life scripts are unconscious patterns that organize and shape personal narratives and identities in both positive and negative ways. ATP incorporates acting, improvisation, drama therapy, psychodrama and Playback Theatre techniques. The theoretical underpinnings of ATP are informed by Transactional and Jungian Analysis as well as attachment theory.

In the creation of your ATP you will:

  • Take courageous emotional risks in a safe and supportive environment

  • Embark on, what Joseph Campbell called, “The Hero’s Journey” moving through the phases of a transformative therapeutic process

  • Begin to embody a new life-affirming narrative

Find out more at the website: Living Arts Counseling Center Video of Darrrl McDadiels telling his story of making music inspired by Sarah McLachlan

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