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Clarifying Non-attachment and Spiritual Bypass with Kaya Mindlin - Episode 09

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

If you've dipped your toe in the waters of yogic practice or philosophy, and you have if you've ever even googled "mindfulness", this conversation will deepen and clarify some of the common mistranslations and misunderstandings of how to live our lives while also walking a spiritual path.

We especially explore the ways being a parent can often feel "in the way" of our spiritual goals and practices. The difficult distance between our ideals and reality. Kaya speaks so beautifully to the gift we can give ourselves and our children when we practice and live our spiritual journey as family.

In this episode, I share about my own personal upbringing, raised in a yogic intentional community. Kaya also has a deep and meaningful relationship with this community, and we both hold so much love and respect for the teachings, the people and the beauty that is present there. While I do speak to some of my personal experiences and interpretations, I am sure they were unique to my own experience, my own family system and the projecting we as humans do onto others. So I ask you to hold what you hear with the awareness of both being true: reality and projection.

Things we touch on in the episode:

The misconceptions of practicing non-attachment

The absolute and the relative realities we exist in

Spiritual bypass

Splitting of life into spiritual life and the rest

The four stages of life

Accepting or rejecting mental/emotional reactions

We can model our humanity for our kids

What family spiritual practice can look like

Clarifying karma yoga and selfless service

I do my work so you can do yours

Where to start

About Kaya

Kaya Mindlin is a Yoga therapist and educator who has been teaching the “softer side of yoga” for 19 years. Her background includes thousands of hours of in-depth study with masters in the Vedic Tradition - including Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Design, Sanskrit, Vedanta and Tantra. Kaya makes traditional teachings powerfully meaningful for householders living modern life. Her warm and intelligent approach inspires others to deepen their lives in every way. Long-time seekers, healing professionals, dedicated yogis and teachers resonate with Kaya’s loving storytelling, technical acumen and mothering bhava. She is committed to resolving misleading messages and distortions in the popular Yoga world through her programs and social media content. Kaya lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Vedic Astrologer Michael Manzella and their children. Learn more about Kaya's work at 

Kaya's Instagram Use the code "wildandwise20"for 20% off this ONLINE program: The Nectar of Action Explore the most essential teachings for householders seeking true spiritual growth amidst the responsibilities of life. Kaya makes traditional yogic philosophy authentically meaningful for your real life. In the Nectar of Action you learn what a life of spiritual growth truly is and how to transmute all of life into a Self-discovery process. This program is designed to be not dry or theoretical but to directly nourish and transform your life, relationships and work and provides the wisdom you crave. BEGINS JULY 23 2020

I am on Facebook at The Wild and Wise

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