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Movement As Mother with Beth Pettengill Riley - Episode 8

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

A special Mother's Day episode with my own mother, Beth Pettengill Riley! Beth has been a movement teacher for over 40 years, has studied yogic spiritual practice as well as physical practice, is steeped in the work of Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement and has been leading her life with a drive for connection and presence for a long time. She has studied the research on somatic movement and healing, as well as worked with clients for 30 years, holding space for emotional and physical wounds to move toward health and healing.

In the episode we explore the field of health and healing through what our body is experiencing in this very moment:

-Genuine experience through our bodies

-When and how did movement influence Beth's experience of motherhood

-The threshold of a new kind of holding

-Psychological personality structure and embodied experience of presence

-Intelligence - to gather in between

-The path emerges as you sniff it

-Anesthetic and Esthetic - the antidote to numbing out

-What does it mean to listen to our body's communications about safety, support and connection?

-How can we live fully in our current circumstances?

Beth leads group classes and workshops, sees clients Individually, has a apprenticeship program, has written a book about having a home movement practice and

Beth's website: The Moving Well

Beth's Book: A Moving Inquiry

Watermark Arts - "an arts movement inspired by somatic awareness"

I am on Facebook at The Wild and Wise

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