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Exploring Our Inner Knowing with Kadhi Bo - Episode 3

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Kadhi and I sit down to have a conversation about inner knowing/intuition: what is sounds like, what it feels like to be disconnected from that part of ourselves, and how to find our way back. Kadhi offers intuitive counseling sessions incorporating tarot and astrology, and the many other areas she has studied (women's spirituality, astrology, the enneagram, depth psychology and more). She is also a mama and a perpetual student. She has an unwavering sense of herself, is honest, direct, kind and deeply accepting of others.

Keep an ear out for the tarot card that Kadhi talks about as representing this inner knowing. It's a beautiful card, that is part of a whole transformational process. What kinds of transformations have you gone through and has your inner knowing, your intuitive voice guided you?

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